Best tools for DIY

Best Tools for DIY

DIY is just the best. Seriously, I love it! My wife has super expensive taste in, well, pretty much everything. She spends lots of her free time perusing Pinterest and asking me to create whatever wonderful delight she comes across. And thanks to having some of the best tools for DIY, and the experience needed to bring these things to life, I somehow managed to have both a happy wife and a Pinterest-worthy home.

In this article, we discussed the best tools for DIY and how to get started on your DIY journey. We listed 8 of the most essential tools for being successful with DIY and gave specific purchasing recommendations. But that doesn’t help those who prefer buying in person! And let’s be honest, when it comes to buying tools, many of us are in that category.

If that’s you, hopefully, you’re getting ready to head down to your locally owned hardware store. The guys working at these places are fantastic and are always happy to answer your tool-buying questions. In fact, they may even have a completely different list of the best tools for DIY. And that’s awesome too!

Best Tools for DIY- A Shopping List

But if you are heading out to buy your tools in person, why not take this shopping list with you? Each essential item for getting started with DIY is listed, along with some helpful buying tips.

Simply download the PDF (below) to your phone and check the items off as you go. That way you won’t have to make multiple trips to the same place in one day! You can save that embarrassment for when you’re doing your first DIY project.

And as always, if you’d like free, personalized tool buying and using advice from me, just press the button above! I love talking about tools, and I love helping people out. So talking about tools and helping people out at the same time really tickles my fanty.

Happy shopping!