The Best Impact Driver for Any Job in 2022

Best Impact DriverOur Top Recommendation
Best Cordless Impact DriverDeWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver, 1/4-Inch
Best Lightweight Cordless Impact DriverMakita 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver XDT16
Best Milwaukee Impact DriverMilwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver 2853
Best Metabo Impact DriverMetabo HPT Triple Hammer 18V Cordless Impact Driver
Best Impact Driver on a BudgetBLACK + DECKER 20V MAX PowerConnect ¼ in. Cordless Impact Driver
Best Craftsman Impact DriverCRAFTSMAN V20 Impact Driver Kit, Cordless
Best Impact Driver for DIYRyobi P235AK 18V One+ Impact Driver
Best Genuine Corded Impact DriverMakita Corded Impact Driver 6952
Best Corded Impact DriverPorter-Cable PCE211 Impact Wrench
Best DeWALT Impact DriverDeWalt DW292 Corded Impact Wrench
Best DIY-Quality Corded Impact DriverCRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Impact Wrench

Impact drivers may look like drills, but they are not the same. They function differently, too. Impact drivers are more powerful than drills—they provide the extra torque to drive fasteners deeper into thick materials. Impact drivers can also remove loose stuck bolts and screws easily. If you plan to do heavy-duty jobs like building a deck or a fence, it’s important that you have the best impact driver in your toolkit.

Over the years, more impact drivers have been introduced into the market. Choosing a valuable impact driver can be tricky, even if you own a drill. An ideal impact driver for you should be strong enough to handle the tasks you plan to do. We have compiled a list of what you should consider before buying an impact driver below. We also included a list of the best cordless and corded impact drivers you can choose from.

Best Impact Driver Considerations

Corded or Cordless Impact Driver

Corded and cordless impact drivers deliver similar power. But cordless impact drivers are easy to move around—especially in tight spaces. Corded drivers are ideal for professionals that need the impact all day since batteries can’t last for a long time. But for most trade professionals and serious DIYers, cordless impact drivers are your best bet.


Torque means an impact driver’s twisting power, measured in inch-pounds. The twisting power of an impact driver increases as the torque value increases. The type of material you want to work on determines your needed torque. Usually, 800-1500 inch pounds of torque is enough to drive fasteners through most household and workshop items.

Rotation speed

Rotation speed (rpm) is the number of times the bit revolves in a minute. The bit’s speed affects its torque—the higher the speed, the lower the torque. The slower the speed, the higher the torque.


The voltage of an impact driver means its energy output—the energy output goes up as the voltage increases. The 12-volt Impact drivers are powerful for household usage. Meanwhile, professionals prefer using the more powerful 18-volt or 20-volt tools for their jobs.


As with most power tools, there are two types of impact driver motors—brushless and brushed. The brushed motor uses a brush to make the coil spin, while brushless motors spin the coil without a brush. The brushes in brushed motors require routine maintenance, and the brushless motor doesn’t. Due to the extra energy needed to spin the coil, brushless motors are more power efficient than brushed motors. Always choose a brushless motor if you can afford it!

Size and Weight

Light impact drivers are easier to use in tight spaces than heavy ones. You can use light impact drivers for a long while because they don’t easily cause fatigue. Nowadays, most light-impact drivers are as powerful as heavy-impact drivers. Nevertheless, ensure the small tool you choose is powerful enough to drive fasteners through your items.

Existing Battery System

Unless you’re in the weapons or oil industries, you probably don’t feel like you’ve got lots of spare money lying around at the moment. That’s why it’s a great idea to buy your tools ‘skin-only’ where possible. That means, that once you’ve chosen your power tool system and get set up with batteries, you can use those same batteries across a whole range of other tools. It works out way cheaper in the long run!

Another added benefit of choosing your tool system early, and sticking with it, is that it makes your future tool buying much simpler. For example, if you’re already running Makita 18v batteries, then your best bet is to go out and grab yourself a Makita LXT impact driver. As long as you have a reputable brand, and batteries that are in good condition, your first choice should be a tool that you can run with your existing batteries.

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The Best Cordless Impact Drivers in 2022

Best Cordless Impact Driver: DeWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver, 1/4-Inch

dewalt impact driver

The DeWALT 20V MAX cordless impact driver is a top-quality and powerful tool. It has a lightweight and compact design—it’s one of the most portable impact drivers in the market. This brushless impact driver has an ergonomic handle for a convenient grip. It also has three LED lights that brighten dark corners. It is a reliable tool for DIYers and professionals.

The first thing you notice when you get your hands on the tool is how light it is! For a trade-quality tool, it feels great on your hands, and the rubber handle is fantastic too. You can change the bits with one hand. This particular driver comes with a 1.5ah battery, which may be a little light on for heavy-duty tasks. Slightly reduced torque compared with some of the other drivers, but it isn’t noticeable. Handle does get hot when using, but this is very typical of impact drivers.

DeWalt Impact Driver Key Specifications

Weight: 2.8 pounds
Product dimension: 9″ length x 5.55″ width x 3″ height
Voltage: 20 volts max
Battery capacity: I.5 Ah
Item torque: 1400 inch pounds

-Portable and strong
-Comfortable ergonomic grip
-Useful for heavy-duty tasks
-Three built-in LED lights

-Short runtime on battery

Best Lightweight Cordless Impact Driver: Makita 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver XDT16

makita impact driver

Perhaps the most popular cordless impact driver at the moment is the Makita XDT16, and for very good reason! Weighing just 2.23 lbs, with a short head, it’s very compact, even for an impact driver! Despite this, it has a max of 3600 rpm and 1600-inch pounds of torque, making this just not a small driver, but a powerful one too!

3600 max rpm, 1600inch pounds of torque. 2.23 pounds, very small and compact. The LED lights are bright and you can customize them on the control panel! As well as this, you can adjust the power and speed settings, and change between four different modes (wood, bolt, T1 and T2). For even easier speed adjustment, there is an additional trigger on the front of the driver, which allows you to cycle through the different speed options.

The Makita XDT16 is a trade-quality impact driver with huge speed and power customizations. The T1 and T2 modes give added precision by not allowing you to accidentally over-tighten fasteners, and the different speed options mean you could almost use this instead of your cordless drill for precise woodworking (almost). The bolt setting prevents bolts from falling off, which is another handy feature.

This premium drill is absolutely fantastic, and the customizations mean that you can achieve very precise results. However, there is no such thing as a perfect tool, and in order to have these fantastic features, the driver has had to sacrifice some top-end power. Now, please understand that this is NOT a gutless tool, by any stretch. It is a very powerful, high-end impact driver. But it’s just not as gutsy as some of the other drivers that prioritize power and grunt.

Makita Impact Driver Key Specifications

Weight: 2.23 lbs
Product dimension: ‎8.23″L x 3.43″W x 6.46″H
Voltage: 18v
Battery capacity: Skin Only
Item torque: 1600 inch pounds

-Speed and power customizations
-Powerful, compact, brushless motor
-Powerful LED light
-Auto-stop mode


Milwaukee Best Impact Driver: Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver 2853

Milwaukee impact driver

Milwaukee is one of the major players in the impact driver game, and the Milwaukee 2853 is the pick of the litter. This compact impact driver is relatively light for the power that it produces, with up to 3600rpm and 4300ipm. It has 4 power modes; with 3 different speeds and a ‘self-tapping mode’, which allows you to drive self-tapping screws without stripping them. It does this by automatically stopping when the screw is seated properly, which prevents damage to both the fastener and the materials. As well as being able to select the different speed types, the Milwaukee impact driver also has a variable speed trigger, which allows you greater control.

It has loads of power, both when tightening and loosening fasteners, and in many cases will even make your impact wrench obsolete. But, like many impact drivers, this baby gets pretty hot when in heavy use. The brushless motor provides plenty of power and durability, while the Redlink technology protects the battery when under heavy loads and from overcharging. The LED light is bright, the rubber molding is comfortable and the battery has an easy-to-see gauge. It also has single-handed bit insertion which makes it faster and easier to change bits over.

This trade-quality tool will suit anyone who spends their days on the tools and will be more than enough for the weekend warrior or serious DIYer.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver Key Specifications

Weight: 2.2 lbs
Product dimension: ‎9.2″L x 4.7″W x 6.7″H
Voltage: ‎18 Volts
Battery capacity: 5 Ah
Item torque: 2000 inch pounds

Compact and powerful brushless motor
4 power modes
Variable speed trigger
Powerful LED lights

Gets hot under heavy loads

Metabo’s Best Impact Driver: Metabo HPT Triple Hammer 18V Cordless Impact Driver (WH18DBDL2C)

metabo impact driver

This tool is one of the most powerful impact drivers on the market. The motor delivers up to 2900 rpm and 4000 ipm (impact per minute) triple-hammer action. It is really light to hold and has a torque of around 1832 inch pounds. This cordless impact driver comes with a LED light and rubber handle. It is designed for professionals and experienced DIYers as it is powerful, affordable, and compact!

The triple hammer means more torque, fewer vibrations, and faster-tightening speed. The Metabo HPT Triple Hammer Impact Driver also comes with a lifetime lithium ion tool warranty, a 2-year battery warranty, and a 1-year charger warranty. This means fantastic peace of mind, for a trade-quality drill.

Metabo Impact Driver Key Specifications

Weight: 2.9 pounds
Product dimension: 9.65″ length x 7.48″ width x 3.94″ height
Voltage: 18 volts max
Battery capacity: I.5 Ah
Item torque: 1832 inch pounds


-Outstanding warranty
-Comfortable grip
-Designed with a charge indicator and LED lights
-It is compact and powerful
-It has a variable-speed trigger

-LED light could be brighter

Best Impact Driver on a Budget: BLACK + DECKER 20V MAX PowerConnect ¼ in. Cordless Impact Driver

black + decker impact driver

This tool is a quality impact driver from Black & Decker. It is a compact tool with a high rotation speed of 3000 rpm and 1375-inch pounds of torque. It has a rubber handle that makes it easy to grasp. This lightweight impact driver comes with a ¼ inch quick-release hex chuck for a secure grip. It is a reliable tool for jobs that requires inserting and removing small to medium fasteners.

This budget-quality driver does not have the power for larger jobs but completes most tasks around the home with little difficulty or heat build-up. The grip is narrower than many other impact drivers, which is great for those with small hands and it is really light to handle. The Black + Decker BDCI20C is also a single-speed driver; though to be fair, if you’re after a multi-speed impact driver, you probably wouldn’t be looking at Black + Decker anyway!

BLACK & DECKER Impact Driver Key Specifications

Weight: 1 pound
Product dimension: 7.88″ length x 3″ width x 9″ height
Voltage: 20 volts
Battery capacity: I.5 Ah
Item torque: 1375 inch pounds

-It comes with a battery and charger
-Extended battery life
-3900 ipm and 3000 rpm

-Limited battery runtime
-It is not suitable for heavy-duty jobs

Best Craftsman Impact Driver: CRAFTSMAN V20 Impact Driver Kit, Cordless (CMCF810C1)

craftsman impact driver

Another budget-friendly tool, this time from our friends at Craftsman. This Craftsman impact driver is affordable and reliable. Its brushless motor’s power delivery is impressive, with a maximum speed of 2800 rpm, 1460 in-lbs of torque, and 3100 ipm. It also comes with a LED light that illuminates work surfaces.

When you pick up the Craftsman 20v impact driver, you notice just how nice the tool looks and feels. The rubber molding on the handle feels high quality, and the tool really is a fantastic-looking piece of gear, though it is on the heavy side. The 2ah battery that comes standard allows for impressive periods of high-intensity work, but to really get the most out of this tool you may want to consider upgrading to the 4ah battery. This tool is excellent for every DIYer and many trade professionals. However, for the pro needing to use their impact driver all day, every day, this one is heavy!

Craftsman Impact Driver Key Specifications

Weight: 4.1 pounds
Product dimension: 11.68″ length x 3.41″ width x 8.88″ height
Voltage: 20 volts
Battery capacity: 2.0 Ah
Item torque: 1800 inch pounds

-It comes with a 2.0Ah battery
-Brushless motor that offers 3100 ipm and 2800 rpm

-It’s heavy, and it causes hand fatigue easily.

Best Impact Driver for DIY: Ryobi P235AK 18V One+ Impact Driver

ryobi impact driver

The Ryobi P235A is a cost-effective impact driver that offers great power and durability. Its motor produces 1800-inch pounds of torque and 3200 ipm. It has a ¼ inch easy-to-connect chuck and a user-friendly handle. It does have a brushed motor, which is to be expected at this price point, but it does come with a magnetic tray and a trigger-powered LED.

This is a great tool for DIYers as it will easily handle most jobs around the time. However, most trade professionals will need something a little more durable and powerful than this lime monster. It is also not as compact as some of the other impact drivers on this list. The Ryobi P235AK is readily available either ‘skin only’ or with batteries. This particular set comes with 2×1.5 ah batteries, a charger, and a tool bag.

Ryobi Impact Driver Key Specifications

Weight: 4 pounds
Product dimension: 7.25″ length x 3.25″ width x 7.25″ height
Voltage: 18 volts
Battery capacity: I.5 Ah
Item torque: 1800 inch pounds

-1/4 inch easy-to-connect chuck
-3200 ipm power
-Comes with cast-aluminum gearbox for protection
-It is affordable
-It is heavy with the battery
-Not as durable as trade-quality impact drivers

The Best Corded Impact Drivers in 2022

Do corded impact drivers exist?

Yes! Corded impact drivers are a real thing! But true corded impact drivers are few and far between. Most people who want a cordless impact driver are searching for more power than regular impact drivers. And if you’re after more power, then an impact wrench may be your best option!

So from here on out, we’ll mostly be dishing up impact wrenches!

Best Genuine Corded Impact Driver: Makita Corded Impact Driver 6952

Makita corded impact driver

Remember wayyyyyy back, when we said that true corded impact drivers are few and far between. Well, that may be so, but we thought we’d start with one! The Makita corded impact driver 6952 is one of the most valuable corded drivers in the market. But you might spend extra cash on its solid design and power. Most DIYers will love the tool’s reverse switch close to the trigger, allowing users to use the corded driver with one hand. The impact-resistant aluminum housing of this tool differentiates it from other corded impact drivers in the market. NOT BRUSHLESS!

This impact driver is an interesting in-between tool. Most trade professionals love cordless impact drivers, and those who want a cordless driver generally prefer the power of an impact wrench. But, this tool certainly has its place in the arsenal of the right person. Jobs that require high-powered and repetitive screwing or drilling will find this tool useful. For example, if you’re screwing down a deck- you’ll be on the impact driver for hours on end every day. Using a corded impact driver means you won’t have to waste time organizing batteries, yet isn’t overpowered like most impact wrenches.

This is certainly not a common tool, but those who have pulled the trigger absolutely love the tool! Most comment on the fantastic build quality of the Japanese- made Makita 6952 Impact Driver. Just be aware, this tool uses a brushed motor. However, these are externally accessible for inspection and replacement.

Makita Corded Impact Driver 6952 Key Specifications

Weight: 6.49 pounds
Product dimension: 9.02″ length x 7.09″ width x 2.64″ height
Voltage: 230 volts
Item torque: 88.5 feet pounds

-Great power
-Easy-to-use reverse switch
-Luxurious impact-resistant aluminum housing
-One of a kind!


-Lower torque than an impact wrench

Best Corded Impact Driver: Porter-Cable PCE211 Impact Wrench

porter-cable impact wrench

The Porter-Cable corded impact wrench tool is extremely powerful. It has a 7.5 amp motor that offers power and versatility by producing 2,200 rpm and 2,700 bpm. You can get any DIY large projects done with its 450 feet-pounds of torque. The power inside this wrench makes light work of heavy-duty tasks like removing wheel nuts from your car or seized nuts from machinery.

While the tool packs quite a punch, it is quite heavy! It also has an unusual rocket switch, which has both forward and reverse functions on the one trigger, rather than a forward/ reverse switch or button. If you need an affordable, high-powered impact driver for occasional use, then the Porter-Cable PCE211 Impact Wrench is your best bet!

Porter-Cable Impact Wrench Key Specifications

Weight: 7.5 pounds
Product dimension: 13″ length x 11″ width x 4″ height
Voltage: 120 volts
Item torque: 450 feet pounds

-Powerful and versatile
-It has a reliable motor
-450 feet pounds of torque
-The spin continues for a while after disconnection.
-The rocket switch is not convenient to use.

Best DeWALT Impact Driver: DeWalt DW292 Corded Impact Wrench

dewalt corded impact wrench

Another fantastic corded impact driver is the DeWalt DW 292 corded impact wrench. The DeWALT DW292 is a versatile tool that is good for every DIYer, especially beginners. It has a convenient grip and a half-inch detent anvil. This corded impact driver offers 345 feet-pounds of torque, and its ball-bearing design offers long-lasting durability. When it comes to testing the power of impact wrenches, the “wheel nut test” seems to be the gold standard. In all the wheel nut tests for the DW292, it has done everything that has been thrown at it. So if you’re considering the DeWalt corded impact wrench, you won’t be disappointed!

Interestingly, the specs of the Dewalt DW292 aren’t as good as those of the Porter-Cable PCE211. The DWD292 is heavier, delivers less torque, and is more expensive. What the specs don’t show us, however, is the superior engineering of DeWalt tools. While on paper the Porter-Cable PCE211 seems better value than the DeWalt DWD 292, it’s very likely that the DWD292 will last longer under sustained heavy usage. Some users have also found that the DWD292 sometimes gets stuck when used in reverse. But overall, the Dewalt DWD292 is a fantastic corded impact wrench and will serve you well!

DeWalt Impact Wrench Key Specifications

Weight: 8.14 pounds
Product dimension: 10.88″ length x 13.06″ width x 4.86″ height
Voltage: 120 volts
Item torque: 345 feet pounds

-Convenient grip
-Powerful torque
-It comes with a detent anvil
-Protective design
-It can get stuck when used in reverse
-The impact sockets can be difficult to remove

Best DIY-Quality Corded Impact Driver: CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Impact Wrench

craftsman corded impact wrench

Craftsman CMEF901 is a popular and solid impact driver for use around the home. It offers 2,200 rpm and 2,700 bpm power. This tool’s torque is 450 feet-pound, which is great for this price point. It also has a cool and user-friendly design. It handles wheel nuts with ease and has a 1/2-inch hog ring for easy socket changes.

The tool has great specs and positive reviews, however, it is often listed as having a variable-speed trigger. This is NOT the case. It is a simple, DIY-quality impact driver, with plenty of power at a reasonable price. Don’t expect a variable-speed trigger and you won’t be disappointed!

CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Impact Wrench Key Specifications

Weight: 8.9 pounds
Product dimension: 13.46″ length x 13.3″ width x 8.7″ height
Voltage: 120 volts
Item torque: 450 feet pounds

– 3-year manufacturer warranty
-Good rpm and bpm
-User-friendly design
-Fixed settings
-It doesn’t come with a case


Choosing an impact driver that suits your needs is vital. Consider the power, size, design, and battery life of the tool you want to choose. Make sure the tool fits your budget and goals before you purchase it.

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