Easy Tool Backpack Buying Guide- Best Tool Backpacks

“This article has been republished in November 2022”

Best Tool Backpack Our Recommendation
Best Electrician BackpackMilwaukee Ultimate Jobsite Backpack
Second Best Tool Backpack for ElectriciansKlein Tool Master Tools Backpack
Electrician Tool Backpack Bronze MedalCLC Tool Backpack – 75 Pockets
Electrician Backpack Tool Bag Honourable MentionKlein Tools Backpack Tradesman Pro Organizer
Best Tools Backpack For WeldersRevco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack With Helmetcatch
Best Tool Backpack For CarpentersCLC 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack
Best Tool Backpack For TechniciansVeto Pro Pac Tech Pac Tool Backpack
Milwaukee Tool Backpack- Low Profile
Best Tool Backpack with Laptop CompartmentKlein Tradesman Pro Tech 2.0 Tools Backpack
Best USB Charging Tool Backpack-CLC Custom E-Charge Lighted USB Charging Tools Backpack 

Toolbox Origins

Ever since Adam and Eve built their first shelter, mankind has needed somewhere to put their tools. I wish I knew what tools they used or how they stored them, but it wasn’t long before someone was clever enough to create a safe home for their tools. A toolbox, if you will! As you’re reading this article at, chances are you have some form of tool storage too!

There’s something almost romantic about an old toolbox, with its flaking paint and rusty tools. But fewer and fewer people are using toolboxes these days, thanks to fantastic innovations in tool storage. One of the most common storage solutions is the good old toolbag, which most of us associate with modern tradesmen.

From Box to the Bag

Toolbags are brilliant options on a job site as they’re super easy to hold and they hold a huge amount of the tools needed for a day’s work. Modern toolbags have plenty of pockets and different compartments to hold all your tools. Most of these come with zippered areas to keep small things safe and have carry straps to make for easy carrying.

tool backpack

Another, less common storage solution has been the bucket organizer. These simple toolboxes are usually just a tough cover that fits over a 5-gallon bucket, with pockets and compartments both inside and out. While these are fairly rare nowadays, many older tradesmen swear by their trusty bucket organizers.

To be fair, they’re easy to grab and carry around, and the tools are always visible. But there’s a reason these aren’t very common. As there is no way to close the bucket, tools tend to go missing from these organizers. Additionally, all sorts of unwelcome visitors, from rodents to rain can get into your tools.

From Bag to Backpack

More recently, we’ve noticed a shift away from toolboxes and tool bags towards tool backpacks. Tool backpacks provide all of the functions of the previous tool storage options, but are much easier to transport. Sporting padded shoulder straps and a well-balanced load, many tradesmen are realizing that tool backpacks are the most body-friendly way of carrying their tools.

Professional tradesmen and contractors understand that the only way for them to keep paying the bills is to stay healthy, so looking after their spine and shoulders has become a higher priority. With a tool backpack, you get the same storage options as a modern toolbag, while minimizing your risk of injury.

Another huge benefit of using a tool backpack is your ability to have your hands free. Naturally, this makes the daily movements between the job site easier. But the biggest benefit to using a tool backpack is the ability to get up and down ladders in a safe manner. We’ve all been there, climbing a ladder one-handed while holding onto your toolbag in the other hand. But with a tool backpack, those days are thankfully gone!

Not all trades rely on tool backpacks as heavily as others. Electricians, carpenters, HVAC repairmen, specialists, and technicians, in particular, find these tool backpacks to be irreplaceable.

What’s Features Do The Best Tools Backpack Have?

There are lots of great tool backpacks out there now, which means that you can be spoiled for choice! So here are a few things to look out for.

Tool Backpack Durability

Tool backpacks aren’t like those flimsy things you used to drag to school. These things need to carry heavy, sharp, and sometimes dirty tools, all day, every day. So, your tool backpack needs to be strong and durable. Large, heavy-duty zippers are needed to endure the constant opening and closing of the bag and to keep the compartments tightly sealed. It’s also a nice feature if you can buy a bag that is already waterproof! But, it’s easy to waterproof your tool backpack, just check out this article.

Compartment/Pocket Organization

Different trades have different tools. So your tool backpack needs to have different-sized pockets for all your different tools, rather than one big storage hole. A well-planned out and organized backpack makes finding tools easier, and therefore your time more efficient. It’s extremely frustrating searching through a messy bag for tools! And when you’re on the tools, time is money. Additionally, for many trades, a compartment for a laptop or tablet is a necessity these days. Often times a hard-shelled pocket is needed to protect fragile items or to hold sharp objects or tools.

Proper Padding

When completely stocked, a tool backpack can weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. It’s important to have shoulder straps that can handle the weight. Padded shoulder straps prevent the straps from digging into the shoulders and are a necessity if you want to carry your bag comfortably. Similarly, pulling around a heavy bag can mean tools bumping into your back. To avoid this, choose a tool backpack with ample padding in the back.

Rigid Molded Base

Many tools backpacks have a heavy-duty molded plastic base.  The molded plastic base is attached to the strong material to make up the body of the backpack. The molded base does a few things. Firstly, it creates a strong bottom. Tools can’t create friction or wear a hole into the base as they could if it was a fabric material.

Another thing the molded base does allows the backpack to stand up straight without having to be leaning against anything. This makes it possible to set it down vertically and unload it. The last thing the plastic molded base does, besides protecting the outside of the bottom of the backpack from any physical abuse, is to make the base waterproof. If for any reason it ends up in a puddle, the tools are left unharmed.

Extra Strapping For Added Support

Another feature you might consider looking for is additional strapping, like a load-bearing harness. This additional support can be beneficial to help relieve the stress of carrying a heavy load. With a loaded backpack, the load-bearing harness helps to distribute the weight more efficiently.

Who Makes the Best Tool Backpacks?

Most of the best tool backpack makers are those brands that are already making tools, tool belts, or tool bags. Custom Leathercraft, Dewalt, Klein Tools, Milwaukee, and Carhartt, all have fantastic tool backpacks. Some have similar features, while others have their own unique ones that set them apart from others. We’ve researched the best tool backpacks on the market right now and listed them below.

Best Electrician Backpack – Milwaukee Ultimate Jobsite Backpack

Milwaukee Ultimate Jobsite Backpack

The best electrician backpack is the Milwaukee tool backpack. While there are many nice backpacks for electricians on the market today, this one stands out the most for us. This second iteration by Milwaukee features many user-requested improvements. Since the release of its first model, Milwaukee has added features like pockets for water bottles, a tape measure clip, and an attachment strap for a dolly. This backpack is designed to hold a range of both hand and power tools.

Additionally, this Milwaukee is more rugged than its predecessor and was designed to be incredibly durable for the job site. The Ultimate Jobsite Backpack is made from a tough tear-resistant 1680D ballistic material. The rigid base is both impact-resistant and waterproof, which enables it to independently stand without any assistance. It also has a huge amount of storage with 48 different pockets!

Milwaukee Tool Backpack Added Features

Among the storage options, there are two dedicated hard shell pockets to hold and protect sensitive electronics and equipment or to safely store sharp tools. The load-bearing harnesses on this Milwaukee tool backpack have double the padding of the version before. There’s also a sternum strap to make carrying it easier as it evens out weight distribution. This Milwaukee Ultimate Jobsite Backpack also has 2 straps on top for hanging it on hooks on the wall plus heavy-duty zippers for the everyday abuse that it encounters. The Milwaukee weighs 6.95 pounds and measures 19 1/2 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 7 4/5  inches deep.


Second Best Tool Backpack for Electricians- Klein Tool Master Tools Backpack

BestTool Backpack for electricians

The second-best tool backpack for electricians is the Klein Tool Master. Klein makes supremely high-quality electrical tools for electricians, and many of electricians won’t use anything else. Knowing that “sparkies” love their Klein tools so much, it’s no surprise that Klein came out with their own backpack, catering specifically to electricians.

This bag is a beast! It’s the nasty big brother of the Tradesman Pro Organizer, which we’ll get to soon. It’s bigger and has more features. The Klein Tool Master has 48 pockets to hold all types of tools. There’s so much room that you can throw in a couple of drills, hand tools, drill bits, and meters, with space to spare.

Best tool backpack for electricians.

There’s even a removable tool caddy that has 11 pockets that can be used when only a handful of select tools are needed.  It has a handy metal hook and the tool caddy has a handle that can be easily hung on something for easy access. Just like the Tradesman Pro Organizer, the Klein Tool Master is made from a tough and durable 1680d material to put up with any job site hazards that might be encountered. 

Klein Tools Master Tools Backpack Extra Features

This Klein tools backpack also has a hard molded plastic base to protect its contents if placed in the mud or water.  The hard pouch on the front is actually very thick and works well for protecting glasses.

Klein has done a very nice job with the padding. The combination of the padded shoulder straps and the padded back support makes carrying a heavy load easier. Klein has also made the interior orange for more visibility when searching for tools. Weighing 13 pounds and measuring 19.5 inches wide by 11 inches deep, this bag is a fantastic size and is a fantastic option for anyone searching for the best tool backpack for electricians.


Electrician Tool Backpack Bronze Medal- CLC Tool Backpack – 75 Pockets

Electrician tool backpack

Another fantastic electrician tool backpack is the Custom LeatherCraft 75 Pocket backpack. Custom LeatherCraft, or CLC, makes a variety of accessories for the construction trades. CLC also makes tool bags, tool belts, and tool carriers. They’ve been around for eons and have earned their reputation for producing high-quality carrying tools. This CLC is durable and is made from ballistic polyester fabric and measures 13 inches wide by 17 1/2 inches high by 9 inches deep and weighs 5 pounds.

Electrician tool backpack

The 75-pocket CLC is a large backpack that can carry lots of tools. To help with the added weight of so many tools, it also has 2 padded handles and adjustable shoulder straps to make carrying easier and more comfortable. There is also a 7-inch by 5-inch plastic compartment parts tray to keep screws and bits in for easy access.

CLC Tools Backpack Extra Features

This backpack also boasts heavy-duty zippers to handle daily wear and tear. Users of this backpack declare this to be a tough backpack and can handle the stress of a job site. Those who use the CLC on a daily basis find it comfortable and easy to carry, and they love the sheer number of pockets available.

Some users have found this bag to have a lack of variety in the pocket sizes, and while it contains 75 pockets, it has a hard time holding larger items such as multiple drills. What this bag does well, is holding a large number of small tools that will fit easily in the pockets and sleeves. If you’re looking to pack fewer small tools and more bulky items, then one of the other tool backpacks mentioned with bigger pockets will be a better choice.

Electrician Backpack Tool Bag Honourable Mention- Klein Tools Backpack – Tradesman Pro Organizer

Klein Tool Backpack

Another fantastic option for the electrician looking for a tool backpack is the tradesman Pro Organizer by Klein. It has a total of 39 pockets to store different-sized tools and has a protective hard molded pocket to take care of glasses or other sensitive objects. There is also a zippered pocket in the front for smaller tools like uni bits, wire nuts, or tech screw containers. This Klein backpack is tall and can hold longer tools like screwdrivers and Channel Locks. It is made from 1680D ballistic nylon.

Klein tool backpack

It has a plastic molded bottom that is waterproof and can handle the abuse of the job site. This Klein weighs 6.05 pounds and measures 20 inches tall by 14 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/5  inches deep. While the vast majority of users love the Tradesman Pro Organiser, some have found the zippers to be a weak point.

These problems include breakages and not working smoothly if dirt enters them. This electrician tool backpack will work well for an electrician that doesn’t fill the tools backpack to capacity. Filling it with too many tools may create unwanted stress on the zippers.

Best Tools Backpack For Welders- Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack With Helmetcatch

The Best Tools Backpack for Welders is the Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmetcatch. Designed specifically for welders, the Revco GB100 is a durable constructed multi-use bag. It is spacious and can hold all the essentials such as a welding hood, torch, soapstone, grinders, tig rig, and gloves. This welder’s backpack is made out of heavy-duty Cordura nylon and has heavy-duty corrugated plastic inserts for rigidity.

Revco GB100 Tools Backpack For Welders

The padded Helmet catch can also hold many types of welding hoods including the Esab Sentinel A50 welding hood, Miller Infinity Digital, Lincoln, Jackson, and Optrell Vegaview. While it is specifically designed with welders in mind, the Revco GB100 can hold many different types of helmets, such as motorcycle and safety helmets.

The Helmetcatch is adjustable and detaches with 3 buckles. This welder’s backpack also has a padded back and padded straps for easy carrying. The Revco GB100 weighs 1 2/5 pounds and measures 19 inches tall by 12 inches wide by 9 inches deep. The overwhelming majority of purchasers love this toolbag and is our number one recommendation for anyone looking for a tool backpack that can hold a helmet.


Best Tool Backpack For Carpenters- CLC 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

Best Tools Backpack For Carpenters

The best tool backpack for carpenters is the CLC 1134 Carpenter’s tool backpack. This CLC is spacious and durable, with 44 pockets inside and outside. The pockets are different sizes to accommodate all types of tools and accessories, with two zippered compartments and a large exterior pocket that is adjustable.

This CLC also comes with 2 large back pads to make it more comfortable and help reduce stress on your back. It has padded and adjustable shoulder straps made from slip-resistant material. Another fantastic feature of this back is the adjustable sternum strap, for even greater support and comfort.

The CLC is large, measuring 13 1/4 inches wide, 16 inches high, and 8 1/2 inches deep and weighs 4 3/5 pounds. It also has 2 reinforced handles for easy carrying. The bottom has base pads that are resistant to abrasion, which makes it a very durable and tough bag, made from heavy ballistic nylon.

CLC 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack Extra Features

This extensive tool backpack is able to hold a wide range of tools, is durable, and comes at a great price. These are the reasons why we have declared the CLC 1134 to be the best tool backpack for carpenters. However, some users have been left feeling frustrated with this bag.

Some stitching has come apart, while others have experienced broken zippers. As well as this, there is the odd user who has found the CLC digs into the lower back when carried, which makes it very uncomfortable. While these negative experiences are certainly in the minority, it is worth considering if this backpack is the right option for you.

Best Tool Backpack For Technicians- Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Tool Backpack

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Tools Backpack

The best tool backpack for technicians is the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac.  Actually, this Veto is the best tool backpack on the market, full stop! It is the gold standard, the best of the best, and the top of the line when it comes to comparing it to other bags available today. It is also the most expensive to buy. But, Veto has done a tremendous job creating and designing this and has thought about everything.

The Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac is perfect for technicians working in the field. It not only looks impressive but helps make a technician’s job easier.  It uses Veto’s own patented technology that allows the tools backpack to not fall over. 

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac tools backpack - strap

It is very sturdy and will not tip over, thanks to Veto’s own patented technology. This makes it easy to open and access your tools. It also has a thick plastic base that is both waterproof and heavy-duty. The Veto has two large compartments, one in the front and one in the back. Outside the large compartment in the front, there’s a large pocket that can hold items like manifold gauges and hoses. There is also a smaller velcro pocket for quick access.

The Veto has a total of 46 pockets which allows you to store a myriad of tools. There’s also a handy strap across the top that can be tightened and used as a work tray, which is an absolutely genius feature. The contains a large compartment by the straps, with more storage for tools and accessories like testers, meters, and cordless drills.

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Tool Backpack Extra Features

There are pockets for bits, a laptop or iPad, and also zippered pockets. The Veto uses a comfortable foam panel made from EVA that gives ergonomic support and cushions the back for easy carrying when loaded with tools.

The Veto also has a useful aluminum hook for hanging it where needed, while the handle and shoulder straps have pivot pins. These shoulder straps are adjustable and can be pulled down, which brings the load higher on the shoulders. This helps to prevent excessive strain on the lower back. There is also a chest strap for additional comfort. Veto designed this with heavy-duty zippers and stitching to handle everyday use.

This Veto weighs 9 pounds and measures 21 1/2 inches tall, or about 18 inches tall with the handle down, by 9 9/10 inches deep by 14 1/2 inches wide. The Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac is covered by a 5-year warranty and (at the time of writing) even offers the use of a loaned bag until the customer’s bag is returned to them.

Please note: This Veto must be purchased from 5 specific authorized dealers on Amazon for the warranty to be valid.

These 5 authorized Amazon dealers are Ace Electronics, Coastal Tool, Tool Nut, Ralph’s Industrial Electronic Supplies, and Acme Tools.

Milwaukee Tool Backpack- Low Profile

Milwaukee Low Profile Tool Backpack - Front

When considering the best tool backpack for technicians, we would be remiss not to mention the Milwaukee Low Profile. The Milwaukee Low Profile is smaller than the Milwaukee Ultimate Jobsite but still has lots of character. This Milwaukee has plenty of pockets to hold tools and equipment that a technician would need in the field. It can also hold a tablet in the front or a laptop in the padded sleeve for electronics. The Milwaukee Low Profile is made out of a tough and durable 1680D ballistic material to handle job site conditions.  It also comes with heavy-duty metal zippers for easy opening and closing. 

This Milwaukee has a reinforced base and a handy clip for a tape measure. It has 4 external pockets with 18 internal pockets for a total of 22 pockets to store tools and equipment. Because Milwaukee designed this to be a light and agile bag, it does hold fewer tools and equipment than the larger Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac but works well for technicians that work with fewer items.  This bag is extremely durable and has lots of padding and a weight-distributing harness to make carrying easier. 

Like the Ultimate Jobsite, the Milwaukee Low Profile has a strap that can be attached to a dolly for easy transport on and off the job site. The Milwaukee Low Profile weighs just over 5 pounds and measures 19 1/2 inches tall by 11 4/5 inches wide by 7 9/10 inches deep.

Best Tool Backpack with Laptop Compartment- Klein Tradesman Pro Tech 2.0 Tools Backpack

Klein Tradesman Pro Tech Tools Backpack - Front

The best tool backpack with a laptop compartment is the Klein Tradesman Pro Tech 2.0. Just like the Klein Tradesman Pro Organizer and the Tool Master, the Tradesman Pro Tech 2.0 is made out of a tough and durable 1680D ballistic material with a thick molded plastic bottom to protect what’s inside from water or mud. The Tradesman Pro Tech 2.0 has a total of 25 pockets, with 20 pockets inside and 5 pockets on the outside. There’s also a hard protective pocket in the front that can hold safely hold your glasses. As with the previous Klein bags, the interior is orange to make finding tools easier.

The one thing that sets the Tradesman Pro Tech 2.0 apart from the other tool backpacks, including the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac, is that it can hold up to a 17-inch laptop that can be as thick as 3 inches. While there are many other bags with laptop compartments, they are not nearly as big or well-designed as the Tradesman Pro. So for this reason, the Tradesmen Pro-Tech 2.0 is the best tool backpack with a laptop compartment.

The vast majority of purchasers love their Tradesman Pro Tech 2.0 backpack and are especially happy with the laptop-carrying ability. However, some have expressed their frustration with some of the pockets being unable to hold some larger screwdrivers and meters.


Best USB Charging Tool BackpackCLC Custom E-Charge Lighted USB Charging Tools Backpack 

CLC Custom Leathercraft E-Charge Lighted USB Charging Tools Backpack

The Best USB Charging Tools Backpack is the CLC Custom Leathercraft ECPL38 E-Charge. It’s crazy to think that only a few short years ago, our Grandparents were carting around old, wooden boxes for their tools. But today, the need for a charger for your tablet, laptop, or phone is just as much a reality in the field as it is at home. To meet this need, CLC took a tough and feature-rich backpack, and then added a rechargeable power bank! So, this bag has 2 USB ports and added an LED light with an adjustable neck on top of that. The result is a brilliant tool backpack!

This USB charging backpack has many features. For one, the power bank is removable for easy charge in any receptacle. The CLC can charge 2 devices at the same time even with the LED light on. There are 4 designated pockets to hold phones, small laptops, or tablets while they’re being charged inside the tool bag backpack.   The CLC USB charging backpack has a total of 36 pockets with 31 on the inside and 5 on the outside to hold hand tools, drills, meters, bits, and other needed accessories.

Inside there is a sleeve for a laptop that can hold up to a 15 1/2-inch laptop and there are 4 loops to hang clips or carabiners on with an additional clip for a measuring tape. It has padded shoulder straps and also extra padding for added back relief. The users of this bag have largely been extremely satisfied with this bag, with many remarking on the impressive durability, as well as the high-quality power bank chosen by CLC. The power bank holds a nice charge and recharges other devices quickly, and reliably.

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