The Most Helpful Torx Screwdriver Buyer’s Guide

“This post has been republished in October 2022”

Choosing the best Torx Screwdriver for working on your car, truck, phone, or computer is key. Find out, which Torx Screwdrivers and Torx Screws are the best?

Torx Screwdriver History

Best torx screwdriver set

The Torx screwdriver was invented by Camcar Textron in 1967.  Camcar Textron was a tool manufacturing company located in the U.S.A.

Textron designed the Torx screw to prevent camming out. In many screw types, the screwdriver falls out of the hole once it is over-tightened. Textron designed the Torx screw to prevent this. Camming out occurs when the torque of the driver is greater than what the head of the screw can manage.  When this happens, the driver slips out of the head of the screw. This ends up damaging the tip of the driver and the head of the screw.

Conversely, the Torx design prevents the camming out of the driver and screw head since there is more contact between them. Because of the unique design, Torx screwdrivers and Torx screws are now more secure during use, resulting in tools that last much longer. A Torx design is a pattern that has 6 points and is star-shaped. Hence, a star screwdriver, star tool, star bit, torques screwdriver, and torque bit are other names for Torx drivers.

Security Torx

Tamper-Resistant Torx, Torx TR, and pin-in Torx are all names for Security Torx drivers and Security Torx screws. A normal Torx driver is just the same as a Security Torx driver but has one small difference. Indeed, the Security Torx driver has a small hole drilled into it. Additionally, a security Torx screw is different from a normal Torx one since it has a raised pin in the middle of the star pattern.

Therefore, a Security Torx screw can’t be used with a normal Torx driver because of the raised pin in the Security Torx screw which prevents it from fitting. Consequently, standard sizing for both Torx and Security Torx drivers is the same. They both use the letter T with a number after it. T1 is the smallest Torx driver with T100 being the largest.

External Torx

There is also an External Torx.  This is used for screws that have a Torx head and uses an External Torx driver or socket that fits around it to drive it. Unfortunately, the sizing for External Torx drivers is different than regular Torx drivers. External Torx drivers use the letter E with a number after it. E4 is the smallest size with E44 being the largest.

The numbering does not match between T for normal Torx drivers and E for External. For example, the E40 driver is too big to fit on a T40 Torx bit, but an E8 Torx driver will fit on a T40 Torx bit.

Torx Plus

In 1990, the Torx patent was expiring. So the new owner of Camcar Textron, Acument created the Torx Plus. The Torx Plus design is similar to the original but is a little different. Hence, Camcar Textron was able to design the Torx Plus by squaring off the original pointed star design.  The change was supposed to create more contact between the driver and the screw. This makes it possible to use more torque with less wear and tear on the driver and screw.

By the way, Internal Plus is another name for Torx Plus.  Torx Plus drivers use the letters IP or TP with a number before or after it for sizing. The smallest Torx Plus size is the IP1 or 1IP, with the largest size being the IP100 or 100IP.

Tamper Resistant Torx Plus

Then, Textron created the Tamper Resistant Torx Plus.  Instead of 6 points like the Torx Plus, the Tamper Resistant Torx Plus has only five. Just like a Security Torx, a Tamper Resistant Torx Plus driver has a hole in the middle while a Tamper Resistant Torx Plus screw has a raised pin in the middle of the star pattern. The Tamper Resistant Torx Plus design with the 5 points and center raised pin is extremely effective for added security.

Consequently, it’s nearly impossible to remove a Tamper Resistant Torx Plus screw without the correct Tamper Resistant Torx Plus driver. Incidentally, for even more added security, only original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and authorized service personnel can obtain Tamper Resistant Torx Plus drivers and screws.

Tamper Resistant Torx Plus uses the letters TS or IPR with a number after it for sizing.


Later, Textron modified the Torx design again in 2005 and created the Torx TTAP.  It’s a reverse of the Tamper Resistant Torx Plus but with 6 square points. The Torx TTAP driver has 6 square points and also a pin or round point connected to the tip of the driver that sets in a TTAP screw. This added feature allows the user to minimize wobbling and keep the driver in the screw without needing a bit with a magnetic tip.

For this reason, certain fields are beneficial for TTAP screws. Also, TTAP drivers can’t be used with normal Torx screws.  However, normal Torx drivers can be used with TTAP screws because of the extended tip.

How To Choose The Best Torx Screwdriver

There are three main features to look at when choosing the best Torx screwdriver.

  1. The first important feature is the grip.  The grip needs to be ergonomic and fit nicely in your hand to be able to handle a high degree of torque if needed for a stubborn Torx screw.
  2. Secondly, the Torx screwdriver needs a hardened tip. A tip with soft metal will lose its shape and strip the Torx screw.
  3. Finally, it is important that the tip is precision ground to an exact Torx fit.

As a result, Torx screwdrivers with these three features will be able to handle any stubborn Torx screws they may encounter.  Also, consider this when choosing Torx screwdriver sets.

Best Torx Screwdriver

The best Torx screwdriver, also known as a torques screwdriver, star screwdrivers, or star tool, are from Germany, Switzerland, and the U.S.A. Because there are many high-quality Torx screwdrivers available today and choosing one is a difficult decision. The top German brands are Wiha, Witte, Wera, and Felo.

The Germans flat-out make some beautiful and superb hand tools, therefore I consider them as the Porsche of Torx screwdrivers. They have an ergonomic handle, hardened steel tip, and maybe the last Torx screwdrivers you ever buy. With Torx screwdrivers, like many tools, you really get what you pay for.

Wiha 6 Piece Torx Screwdriver Set

Witte 6 Piece Maxxpro Torx Screwdriver Set

Wera Kraftform Plus HF 6 Piece Torx Lasertip Screwdriver Set

Felo Ergonic 6 Piece Torx Screwdrivers

Other Countries

As with many tools, the Swiss make their Torx screwdrivers to the very highest of standards. PB Swiss Tools of Switzerland makes a very nice, high-quality Torx screwdriver. While their handle design is more traditional compared with other Torx screwdrivers, they still work very well.

PB Swiss Tools SwissGrip Torx Screwdriver Set

And while we’re considering which countries make the best Torx screwdrivers, we would be doing a disservice to leave out the US of A! One such maker of excellent tools is Bondhus. They’ve been making nice Torx screwdrivers for a long time now. As a point of difference, they develop their Torx screwdrivers from strong proprietary Protanium steel with a ProGuard Finish to avoid rusting plus clean edges for a precise fit. As a result, they produce an extremely high-quality Torx screwdriver!

Bondhus 33034 Tthx8 8Pc Torx T-Handle Set

Another American-made company, Klein is an honorable mention for best Torx screwdriver. Klein screwdrivers come with a rubber grip that is easy on the hands in addition to a hardened tip. Because their screwdrivers are so durable, they are fantastic hand tools for the tradesman. In particular, Klein tools are considered some of the best Torx screwdrivers for electricians.

Klein Tools 5 Piece Torx Screwdriver Set

Best Torx Screwdriver Set For Small Torx Screws

So far in this article, we’ve been discussing the best Torx screwdrivers for tradesmen such as builders, plumbers, and electricians. However, if you need smaller Torx screw sizes for electronics and computers, then the best Torx screwdriver is the Wiha Precision Torx 8 Piece Screwdriver Set, Sizes T1-T8, to take care of your needs. They have the same high-quality steel with a hardened tips and rotating cap.  In addition order protective case separately.

Wiha Precision Torx 8 Piece Screwdriver Set, Sizes T1-T8

Best Torx Screwdriver Set For Medium Torx Screws

The 8-piece Torx screwdriver set by Wiha is the best Torx screwdriver available today for medium size Torx screws. This is German quality at its finest.

The set includes T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, and T20 sizes.  Hardened and then chrome-plated high alloy chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel is what makes the Wiha Torx screwdriver so effective and useful. The set also has a rotating cap to make turning more exact and easier plus added fingertip control. After precision grinding, the Wiha tip has an exact Torx fit.

This Torx screwdriver set is of premium quality and will serve you for many years to come. Heck, your grandkids will probably be using these on whatever gadgets they have in the future! Naturally, there are cheaper Torx screwdriver sets available on the market, but their tips are soft metal and tend to break down after use and cause stripping when applied to Torx screws. Remember, the poor man pays twice! Just buy this package and forget about it.

Wiha 8-Piece Torx Screwdriver Set, Size T3-T10

Best Torx Screwdriver Set For Large Torx Screws

The best Torx screwdriver for working on cars and trucks is the Wiha 12 Piece Driver Torx Screwdriver Set, Sizes T5-T40.

Again, Wiha has made some great German tools.  The Wiha Torx screwdrivers have hardened, precision black tips and are made from chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel. Pleasingly, these dual material handles are large, easy to grip and feel nice in your hand. The size and grip make it easy to apply increased torque to whatever screws you’re working on. The Torx tips fit snugly and perfectly into Torx/star screws.

The sizes included are T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, and T40

Wiha 36267 12-Piece T5-T40 Torx Driver Set with Soft Finish

Best Insulated Torx Screwdriver Set- Best Torx Screwdrivers for Electricians

For those working around electricity, you need high-quality, insulated screwdrivers. The best insulated Torx screwdriver set for working on voltages up to 1000 volts AC is the Wiha Insulated Torx Screwdriver Set with the SoftFinish Handle. The set includes 10 pieces and has sizes T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T27, and T25. Like all Wiha screwdrivers, the blade is chrome-vanadium-molybdenum tool steel in a hardened black finish.

The SoftFinish Handle is also molded directly to the blade. This gives it a permanent bond. Helpfully, the individualized sizes are listed on the cap. This allows for easy identification. Finally, the precision machined tips allow for an exact fit. The Wiha Insulated Torx Screwdriver Set with the SoftFinish Handle also meets VDE standards for arc flash protection and also meets ASTM F1505 standard specifications. Wiha makes quality tools and this set is a good example of that.

Wiha Insulated Torx Screwdriver Set with the SoftFinish Handle

Best T5 Torx Screwdriver- Best Torx Screwdriver for Mac

Need to work on your MacBook Pro or cell phone and wondering what’s the best Torx screwdriver? Many Macbooks (air and pro) as well as other electronic devices require the T5 Torx screwdriver for things such as removing fan screws and disk replacement. The good news is there are many T5 Torx screwdrivers available and some at a very low price.

But when you’ve already invested heavily into your electronics, the last thing you want to do is chew out your screws with a dodgy torx screwdriver. With this Wiha Torx Screwdriver, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t damage the screws, or strip the tip on the screwdriver. For one thing, cheap Torx screws from China can be made from a soft metal and stamped into shape. For this reason, they often strip the tip of the Torx screwdriver once they encounter a stubborn screw.

So again, you get what you pay for! If you’re planning on doing a one-off job, go your hardest at a cheap screwdriver. But if you want a tool that you can use again and again, then you can’t go past the Wiha T5. Wiha makes the best T5 Torx screwdriver.

With attention to detail, Wiha is German quality. The Wiha T5 Torx screwdriver with a precision handle has a hardened tip and is very sharp and exact. Is it worth risking stripping the screws on your prized MacBook Pro with a cheap T5 Torx screwdriver from China? It’s possible to do just that. Use a quality tool to do it right the first time.

Wiha Torx Screwdriver With Precision Handle T5 x 40mm

Best T6 Torx Screwdriver- Best Torx Screwdriver for pocket knife

Looking for the best T6 Torx screwdriver to work on your pocket knife, pocket knife clip, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, or Scala G9 headset? The best T6 Torx screwdriver is the Wiha T6 Torx screwdriver with a precision handle. I know that’s essentially the same Torx screwdriver for the T5 but customer satisfaction with the Wiha is immense and blows away any other brand or Torx screwdriver. There’s no comparison when it comes to the results and reviews. In other words, no job is too big or too difficult when it comes to this high-quality hand tool.

Wiha T6 Torx Screwdriver with Precision Handle

Best T8 Screwdriver- Best Screwdriver For Xbox

The best T8 screwdriver for the Xbox is the Wiha Tamper Resistant Security Torx Screwdriver with the SoftFinish Handle.  The Wiha is a quality German Torx screwdriver. Hardened CRM72 tool steel makes up the shank and tip.  Precision machined tip for an exact Torx fit.  Large, soft, comfortable grip to handle stubborn screws.  Tamper Resistant Security Torx Screwdriver works great on Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 controllers to take care of sticky button issues.

Wiha Tamper Resistant Security Torx Screwdriver with Soft Finish Handle

Best Torx Plus Screwdriver

Wiha makes the best Torx Plus screwdriver. This set includes the IP6, IP7, IP8, IP9, IP10, and IP15 sizes. It has a round blade, chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel, hardened, hard chromed. Wiha chromtop finish on tips. REMEMBER: This is a Torx plus screwdriver. Torx plus screwdrivers can NOT be used with standard Torx fasteners.

Wiha Torx Plus 6 Piece Screwdriver Set

Best Torx Multi Bit Screwdriver For Knives

The best Torx multi-bit screwdriver for knives is made by Boker. Boker makes high-quality knives in the City of Blades Solingen.  Known for the manufacturing of fine knives and swords, Boker is an area in Germany.  Boker has been creating beautiful cutlery since 1869. So it’s not surprising that Boker makes the Boker Toolkit Torx. The Boker Toolkit Torx uses Torx bits by Wiha.  It’s the same hardened steel as the other incredible drivers and won’t strip or damage the Torx head of the screw. 

This multi-bit screwdriver comes with 7 Torx bits including T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T10, and T15. It has a large stubby handle for extra control and grip. The Boker Toolkit Torx comes highly recommended as the best Torx multi-bit screwdriver for knives and is the perfect tool for working on folding knives, and knives with belt clips.

Boker Toolkit Torx

Best Interchangeable Bit Set For Knives Including Torx

The best interchangeable bit set for knives including Torx is the Wiha 75992 System 4 Precision Interchangeable Bit Set.  This is the best and highest quality interchangeable bit set on the market today and includes Torx, Slotted, Philips, and Hex Inch bits.  The mini tool kit set comes highly recommended with rave reviews and will cover all the needs one may encounter when repairing or working on knives. 

In addition, the set comes with a protective storage case, bits, driver, and extension.  It’s also anti-static/conductive ESD safe so it works well for small electronics.  Like all Wiha bits, they are made from high carbon hardened tool steel so they have a tight fight in fasteners and they don’t deform the bit tip or screw. 

One thing to keep in mind though, high carbon steel can rust! Therefore, you need to use some rust protection.  For this reason, you should always wipe the bits dry with a marine tuff cloth after use. Alternatively, get in the habit of using corrosion protection like Birchwood Casey Barricade, Renaissance Wax, Corrosion-X, or Frog Lube. These all serve to create a moisture barrier, making sure that you won’t get rust on your precious tools.

Wiha 75992 System 4 Precision Interchangeable Bit Set

Best Interchangeable Security Bit Set Including Torx TR

The best interchangeable security bit set including the security Torx TR or tamper-resistant/proof Torx is the Wera Kraftform Kompakt 62 Bitholding Screwdriver and Pouch Set.  The pouch set is especially handy for building maintenance electricians since it has so many different types of security bits.  This very nice 33-piece set by Wera includes security tamper resistant/proof Torx bits in sizes T8, T15, T20, T25, T30, T27, T30, and T40.

The Wera set also includes hard-to-find security bits including Spanner, PZ, Tri-Wing, Torq, and security Hex-Plus.  It has Wera’s Rapidaptor technology to easily change out bits. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand.  The Wera 33-piece set is a great example of German engineering and craftsmanship. 

Wera Kraftform Kompakt 62 Bitholding Screwdriver and Pouch Set

Best Pop Up Top Security Torx Multi-Bit Screwdriver

The best pop-up top security Torx multi-bit screwdriver is also made by Wiha. This handy tool for maintenance workers is a pop-up top type of screwdriver that holds many different sizes of security Torx bits. Wiha makes a very high-quality screwdriver to take care of most security Torx-size screws that one may encounter. It also has some very common sizes like the Torx security T8 screwdriver bit and the Torx security T20.

The Wiha Pop Up Top Security Torx Multi-Bit Screwdriver’s bits are made of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum tool steel. However, especially in maintenance, security Torx screws are painted over making it difficult to remove. As a result, cheaper pop-up top multi-bit screwdriver security Torx bits tend to lose their shape when used on resistant security Torx screws.

Wiha’s security Torx bit tips are strong and will retain their shape, unlike cheaper brands. The Wiha Pop Up Top Security Torx Multi-Bit Screwdriver is a 13-piece set. It includes the screwdriver plus 12 security Torx bits. These security Torx bit sizes are T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, and T40.  It also includes a standard Torx T5 and T6. The handle has a comfortable Wiha SoftFinish grip for easy use.

Wiha Pop Up Top Security Torx Multi Bit Screwdriver

Wiha Pop Up Top Multi Bit Security Torx Screwdriver

Best Pop Up Top Multi-Bit Torx Screwdriver

The best pop-up top multi-bit Torx screwdriver is again made by Wiha. It’s the same screwdriver as above but comes with standard Torx bits instead of security Torx bits. Having one of each in the toolbox or tool bag can be useful for taking care of any job when needed. The bits are standard Torx and the Torx sizes are T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, and T40.

Wiha Pop Up Top Multi Bit Torx Screwdriver

Best Torx Set

The best Torx set comes down to a choice of 3 different sets that includes Torx sockets with a wide range of sizes. Simply put, the best Torx set is the Wera, then the Wiha, followed by the Bondhus.

A review of each is below.

Best Torx Socket Set – Wera

The Wera Torx Zyklop Bit Socket Set is one of the best Torx socket sets because this high-quality Wera Torx socket set is simply beautiful. Additionally, the 9-piece set includes T20 to T50. Having the sizes and color coding on the Wera Torx sockets, they are easy to identify. Additionally, this set works with a 3/8″ size drive, has an extremely tough textile belt and hook, and is especially useful for European cars. In our mind, the Wera Torx Zyklop Bit Socket Set is the best Torx socket set available.

Wera Torx Zyklop Bit Socket Set

Best Torx Socket Set – Wiha

The Wiha Torx 8 Piece Socket Set is also high quality and is also one of the best Torx socket sets. It is especially helpful for working on motorcycles or automobiles. This popular set includes sizes T9 to T40 and comes with a handy rail to store the sockets.  The Wiha Torx bits are hardened chrome-vanadium-molybdenum tool steel and the Torx bit tips have also been machined for a precise Torx fit.   A set screw holds the Torx bit securely in the socket.  Replace the Torx bit with a small Allen wrench.  This Wiha Torx 8 Piece Socket Set works with a 3/8 inch square drive. 

While this is a high-quality torx set and matches the Wera in terms of quality and performance, this socket does have one complaint. Unfortunately, with the Wiha Torx 8 Piece Socket Set, the Torx size is not on the socket.  Rather, the Torx size is on the bit. While this is a small detail, it has been a source of frustration for some purchasers.

Wiha Torx 8 Piece Socket Set

Best Torx Socket Set – Bondhus

The Bondhus Torx 13 Piece ProHold Socket Set is another durable and high-quality socket set to take care of any job where a Torx driver is needed.  Pleasingly, Bondhus is more affordable than Wera and Wiha, but also uses different materials for its tools.  The Bondhus Torx 13 Piece ProHold Socket Set is made from Protanium steel. 

Bondhus claims this makes it 20% stronger than competitors, able to handle more torque and can also be used in an impact drill. These Torx bit tips have also been machined for a precise Torx fit. The socket set includes sizes T8 to T60.

 Bondhus Torx 13 Piece ProHold Socket Set

Best Torx Bits Set

It’s easy to buy a Torx bit set at Home Depot or a similar hardware store for a low, low price. But if you’re looking for a tool that is high quality and will last the test of time, then you really get what you pay for. has researched and picked the Torx tools that are the highest quality and possibly the last tools you’ll ever buy. Wiha and Wera stand out like no others when it comes to Torx tools and hand tools. They do cost more, but you can’t even compare a cheap Torx tool from Home Depot to a Wiha or Wera because of the difference in quality.

Overall, Wiha and Wera make the best Torx bits sets.

Best Torx Bits Sets – Wiha

The WIHA Torx Power Bits Set is a very nice Torx bit set. Helpfully, this set comes with 10 different bits. It has sizes T6 to T30.  The hardened Chrome-Vanadium Torx bits have machined ground tips for a precision Torx fit.  Our chosen Wiha Torx bits are longer than other brands which enables the user to get into hard-to-reach places. 

Remember: Torque bits and star bits are just other (less correct) names for Torx bits.

WIHA Torx Power Bits Set

Best Torx Socket Set – Wera

The Wera Torsion TORX/TZ Sheet Metal Bit Set is nicer than the Wiha. Because it contains 9 Torx bits from T8 to T40 and an easy-to-use bit holder.  These Torx bits and holder fit into the sleek case that can fit into a pocket.  The Wera Torsion TORX/TZ Sheet Metal Bit Set is the same high quality that Wera is known for.

Wera Torsion TORX/TZ Sheet Metal Bit Set

Best Torx Bits Set For Impact Driver

Sometimes using a screwdriver just doesn’t cut it. And who doesn’t love cracking out the impact driver whenever they get the chance? Without a doubt, the best Torx bits set for an impact driver is made by Wiha. The Wiha Torx Terminator Impact Power Bit Buddy Set is impressive.  These high-quality Torx impact bits can really take a beating to get the job done.  Made from Chrome-Vanadium tool steel combined with special energy absorbing dual material to handle any stress put on them.  Wiha Torx Terminator Impact Power Bit Buddy Set contains seven Torx bits from T10 to T40 and works with a regular bit holder.

Wiha Torx Terminator Impact Power Bit Buddy Set

Best Torx Star Wrenches

There are a couple of really nice Torx star wrenches available to take care of any job. The Bondhus Torx Star L-Wrenches 8 Piece Set Sizes T9-T40 is the best Torx star wrench that is the most affordable. Bondhus makes heavy-duty tools in the United States. As an added bonus, they also offer a lifetime warranty free of charge!

This Bondhus 8-piece Torx Star L-Wrench Set is advertised as “long” but is closer to normal length. For example, the T9 shaft is 2 7/8 inches from the tip to the bottom of the shaft. Similarly, the length increases by 1/4 inch per each individual length until reaching 5 inches for the T40. The Bondhus Torx Star L-Wrenches 8 Piece Set Sizes T9-T40 are made from their proprietary Protanium steel that is 20% stronger than the competitors and also protected from rusting.

Bondhus Torx Star L-Wrenches 8 Piece Set T9-T40

The Wera Torx Star L-Key 9 Piece Set T8-T40 is also an outstanding Torx star wrench. Whilst this set does cost more it is superb craftsmanship. The high-quality Wera Torx Star L-Key 9 Piece Set T8-T40 has many features. For example, it has color-coded Torx L-wrenches for easy identification. Also, these are precisely grounded and machined Torx tips that can hold screws tightly. The black laser finish prevents corrosion and extends the life of the Torx wrenches.

Wera Torx Star L-Key 9 Piece Set T8-T40

Best Tamper Proof Torx

The borehole Torx bit set by Wera is one of the best tamper-proof Torx. When it comes to tools, you really get what you pay for and Wera makes some outstanding tools. The Wera Tamper Proof Torx Bit Set T10-T40 is top-notch. This bit set also includes a Rapidaptor bit holder for fast one-handed Torx bit changes. The Torx bit tips are extra tough and will not break. A handy pocket case holds the 6 Torx bits and Rapidaptor.

Wera Tamper Proof Torx 9 Piece L-Wrench Set T8-T40

Torx Sizes For Drivers

SizePoint To Point Distance-InchesPoint To Point Distance-MillimetersMaximum Torque Range-Pound FootMaximum Torque Range-Newton MeterExternal Torx Socket Size

T47GM Style

Torx Sizes For External Drivers

SizePoint To Point Distance-InchesPoint To Point Distance-MillimetersStandard Fastener Selection-SAEStandard Fastener Selection-Metric
E80.297.41/4"M6 & M7
E120.4311.13/8"M10 & M11
E240.8722.13/4"M18 & M20
E321"M24 & M27
E361 1/8"M30
E401 1/4"M33
E441 3/8"M36

Best Torx Screws

Due to the fact that many industries are now using Torx screws, it’s easy to recognize how popular they have become. For the most part, Torx use expanded after the invention and widespread use of torque-limiting drivers. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycle disc brakes, electronic systems, guns, and computer hard drives and accessories now use Torx screws. The torque-limiting cordless drill has made Torx screws useful in the construction industry. Furthermore, torque or torques screw is another name for Torx screws.

Best Torx Screws For Guns

These Torx screws work well for scope rings or mounts for rifles and come in an assortment of 6L-10and 6L-15 sizes including Weaver Style Oval and Fillister and Pachmayr is a reputable brand when it comes to guns. Any hobbyist or professional gunsmith should not be without.

Pachmayr Master Gunsmith Ring and Base Torx Screw Kit

Best Torx Screws For Wood

WoodPro Fasteners Torx Wood Construction Screws come with a Golden Electro-Polyseal coating allowing for more than 1,000 hours of salt spray protection. The Torx drill bit tip fits snugly into the Torx screw head without any bouncing out or skipping like normal wood screws. Therefore, these Torx screws are a perfect substitute for a hammer and nails. Also, the WoodPro Fasteners Torx Wood Construction Screws include a T-25 driver bit.

WoodPro Fasteners Torx Wood Construction Screws

Best Torx Screws For Metal

These Torx screws have a tek/self-drilling tip to easily burrow into metals like aluminum or steel studs. For this reason, they work well for securing wood to metal for building trailers and flatbeds in steel up to 1/4 inch thick. These Torx screws use a standard T-30 Torx screwdriver. Pilot wings on the side of the Torx screw guide it when drilling through wood. Also, the pilot wings are designed to break off when drilled through metal.

Reamer Tek Torx/Star Head Self-Drilling Wood to Metal Screws

Best Torx Security Screws

These button-head Torx security screws will prevent thieves from stealing your license plate. They have a sheet metal thread, made of stainless steel, are 3/4 inches long, and a size #14 screw. As a result, with the raised pin in the middle, these screws work well as a tamper-proof Torx security screw.

The #10 X 3/4 Inch Torx Security Screw includes a T-25 Torx security driver bit.

#10 X 3/4 Inch Torx Security Screw

 Best Torx Screw Set

Unfortunately, a Torx screw set with a variety of sizes and threads is not available online. The only thing available is the same Torx screw with different lengths. For this reason, the best Torx screw set is one that you make! Find a screw or fastener store that specializes in screws. If a plastic container with dividers is not available at the screw/fastener store then purchase one online. Purchase around 10 Torx screws of each type, size, length, and thread that you will possibly need.

As a result building your own Torx screw set may take a little work but will be priceless in the field when needed.  Keep it handy in your toolbox or tools backpack.

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